84770f_b832c43d94db4c10ba355077dd9168d9We have the following in place to service Corporate Clients staff members:

Infra-structure. We have offices and staff in the Western Cape, Northern Cape and the Free State regions to service staff members on 12 different medical aid schemes. Our National footprint in terms of brokers and sub-brokers to service members is restricted to Western Cape, Northern Cape and Free State region. Visible within Companies and site visitations in all regions are available. ReadMore…


“It gives me great pleasure to share the wonderful experience and excellent services I got from IDN medical aid brokers.

Whether it’s an administrative query, or hospital admission that must be sorted  I always get excellent client services from the friendly staff , and whenever I’m in a company and medical aids are discussed I always brag about BONITAS and IDN that goes the extra mile for me and my family , because my families health is of great importance to me.

Thank you BONITAS & IDN  may you go from strength to strength .”

Jacky Adonis

“Every time I have a claim or query the staff gives me 100% service.

I am satisfied with everything that the staff has helped me with.

Thank you IDN.”

Mrs. J.E.E. Edwards

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